Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Arugula and Fennel Salad

It's here and it crept up on me - bathing suit season, that is. ugh. Is it too late to start dieting now? Oh forget it - there's just too much good gelato in my future. But it can't hurt to have a light salad or two for lunch or dinner. I've always loved raw fennel and raw mushrooms in a salad, but this one is kicked up a notch with the addition of chive flowers and pink peppercorns - not original ideas to be sure, because almost everything's been done before. But I did get inspired to use those pink peppercorns after seeing Lori's salad here, and to throw in those chives after seeing Stacey's dish here.
You'll need a mandolin to cut the fennel thin enough, but we careful of those thumbs and fingers. Shave the parmesan with a cheese plane, crush the pink peppercorns, and toss in some chive flowers or  tiny thyme blossoms. And don't worry about those few extra pounds -- enjoy the gelato.

Arugula Fennel Salad

arugula - one small bunch
one small bulb of fennel
shaved parmesan cheese, as much as you like
sliced raw button mushrooms - about 6 or 8, depending on size

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
 a little less than 1/4 cup white balsamic vinegar
a small bit of honey (1 t. or so)
a small squirt of Dijon mustard
salt, pepper
pink peppercorns, smashed 
chive blossoms, thyme blossoms
aged balsamic vinegar, optional

Mix all the dressing ingredients in a jar. Wash the arugula and toss with enough of the dressing to coat.
Slice the fennel thinly using a mandoline. Careful not to cut yourself. Toss the fennel with a bit of dressing and place over the arugula. Wash the mushrooms and slice thinly. Scatter them over the salad, then shave parmesan cheese over everything. Decorate with chive blossoms and/or thyme flowers.
Drizzle a little aged balsamic vinegar over the salad, if you have it. Otherwise, it's fine just as is.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A refined and succulent salad! So pretty too.



Stacey Snacks said...

I need this salad today.........I have been using chive blossoms in everything......they are only in my garden a few more days......I even made chive blossom vinegar!

Chiara Giglio said...

un matrimonio di sapori molto interessante, bella ricetta Linda!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I have a beach vacation in my future so I am on board with eating more salads, Linda! This look fabulous!

Proud Italian Cook said...

We think alike Linda, I made a raw vegetable salad too that I'm going to post, and guess what? I used my chive blossoms after seeing Stacey do it! ha ha You can't go wrong with arugula and fennel, refreshing and light, enjoy your gelato!

AdriBarr said...

That looks so good! What a great combination of flavors. And let's not talk about bathing suit season. I have come to realize that with the passing years I look better covered witht clothing than uncovered in a bathing suit. Plain and simple. However, lots of salads like this would surely be good for the figure - plus this one sounds super tasty, and I love the chive blossoms. They are so pretty.

Frank Fariello said...

Love this combination of fresh flavors, Linda.

And good advice on the mandolin. I know from experience... ;=)

Laura said...

I made this twice over the weekend. We grew arugula this year and the flavor is so intense and wonderful - the combinations in this recipe are exquisite!

Claudia Comi said...

Ciao Linda! How are you? You are a very very nice person. I hope see you again. Your blog is very interesting. When you come back to Milan i wish see you again.... May be at Scala again!
ciao chow Claudia

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I love arugula salads! This one is not only beautiful for the flavors sound wonderful too.